About the site

Here is the background for this site.

After working as a teacher and with environmental problems, I am now retired. It is important for me to keep my body and brain active. At the same time, I would like to live a simple and healthy life. Making this website keeps my brain active, and maintaining my home and growing vegetables keeps me physically active.

This site will tell you what I do to achieve these goals. 

First some simple rules that I will  follow:

  • Make a fixed rhythm for my daily work
  • Try to create the best possible conditions for people and environment both now and in the future
  • Take into account the nature and environment of daily life
  • Growing my own vegetables
  • Keep me simple cooking and using seasonal vegetables
  • Save on fixtures and fittings and focus on sustainability and quality
  • Use my bike as much as possible
  • I would also like to limit my consumption of resources.

Further, I will try to repair and expand my home myself using traditional and environmentally friendly materials.

In the future my wishes are to have:

  • Solar heating and possibly solar power
  • Extra isolation
  • A covered terrace so I can eat outside in any weather.