Compost: Accelerate the process and Compost bins.


It usually takes 1-2 years for a pile of garden waste to convert into finished compost. The decomposition is most rapid if the pile is suitably airy and humid and if the garden waste is well mixed. There are several ways to speed up the process:

  • Cut the garden waste into smaller pieces so that nothing is longer than 20-30 cm.
  • Reposition the compost pile by mixing the compost with a grip. A few times a year is sufficient.
  • Mix a bucketful of finished compost in a new compost pile. This way, you add some of the worms and microorganisms that are important for the degradation.
  • You can use compost worms. However, they cannot be used in hot composting as they cannot withstand the high temperatures. You can buy compost storms in some garden centers and on the internet.
  • When you stir the compost, you can add 1 handful of limestone and 2 handfuls of organic fertilizer.
  • If your compost pile is completely dead, you can kick start it with a handful of nitrogen fertilizers that you water into the pile.
  • Animal manure also promotes degradation (though not from cats and dogs). Alternately, put 1 layer of garden waste and 1 layer of animal manure in the compost bin. The nitrogen in the manure nourishes the microorganisms that cause the breakdown into compost.

Compost bins

You can compost in an open container, a closed container or in a pile on the ground. In any case, the container must have openings at the bottom so that earthworms can enter the compost and water and compost fluid can run away.

An open container you can build yourself. For hot composting, it is better to buy a container.

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A compost pile

You can easily compost in a pile on the ground. Then it is easy to refill garden waste on the pile and it is easy to refit it. However, laying tiles on your composting site can be an advantage so that you do not risk pigs and other pests.

It is a good idea to cover the container with a tarpaulin or similar, so that the pile does not dry out so easily and the nutrients do not wash out when it rains.

An open compost bin

An open compost bin fills less than a compost pile and are better fitted into a smaller garden. You can buy various models, but you can also build one yourself.

There must not be too large gaps between the boards in the sides of the container as it must be able to retain moisture. The space between the boards should therefore not exceed 0.5 cm. On the other hand, air should be able to enter the compost, as oxygen is required for the decomposition.

It is an advantage if you can remove one side of the container so that it is easy to re-compost. It is optimal to have a large compost bin that can be divided into two chambers. This makes it easier to re-pile, as well as allowing you to have two compost piles running offset.

You also need an extra container or pile where you can collect the garden waste for later composition.

If you need to compost hot, the container must be at least 1 x 1 x 1 meter.